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why asaas

At ASAAS, we are working tirelessly to provide you with products and services which caters to your needs. Our products are built to give you optimal number of options which will not only meet your demands but also helps B2B users to venture into new businesses.


Benefits of being an ASAAS Partner

  • Our state of the art system enables you to do transaction on real time basis in a secure environment giving you instant results and very minimal turnaround time. No more trips to the Bank or long queues for you.
  • Your business can grow multiple folds as you are able to reach a larger number of clients therefore increased sale.
  • Your business transaction ledger is a click away. You can access your ledger instantly to view, confirm or reconcile your daily accounts.
  • Our efficient customer services team will help you resolve your queries with enthusiasm and sincerity.
  • Using our portal/website will give you 100% satisfied customers which can lead to increase in your business volumes.
  • You can venture into new businesses with our platform. If you have an outlet with one or two services you can now additionally offer your customers the service of instant money transfer, ticketing, recharge and bill payment etc. after meeting the minimum requirements.
  • ASAAS is offering Early Bird incentive. Register now to avoid registration charges as the offer ending soon.


To become our partners all you need to do is visit our ‘Become a Retailer’ page and fill in the details and you are ready to roll.